”Christmas for orphans”

We are on the eve of Christmas and are planning on the holiday atmosphere. Agitation, tension, stress and agglomeration. We came to see the holidays as a drudgery. It shouldn’t be that way. Not at all. And „Happy Holidays!” wishes you by sad people, pressed by problems and tried, lacking in joy or happiness.

I am criticized for my refusal to receive visitors to the Center (a center with children with special needs), with „clothes we don’t need anymore”, „I have some children and they were given small clothes”, „I have some leftovers”, „we are in the area and we want to visit some orphans ”and more and more.

Society, when you learn that „what you don”t like do not do to others?”
Do you get gifts from someone „who doesn’t need them anymore”?
Or, would you accept food, because „he has left and does not want to throw it away”?
Do you not understand that I fight for the dignity of these children and that I do not allow you to satisfy your ego by using them?
Do you not understand that they are normal, beautiful, smart, unique, special and that it is not their fault that they are in this situation?

When I was a kid, buses would come to Periam and take us to Timișoara, where we would go to church, then some of us would go to families, and most of them would stay in the basement of the church where they would cook and receive presents. We were presented, in front of the church, as orphans, and on a large banner wrote „Christmas for orphans”, 20th edition.

A lot of „personalities” and the presentation of anointing sermons were criminal to us. Members, senators, pastors, presidents of organizations, directors and pastors. We did get bored of dying. We had to endure. Each of them tried to astonish his forerunner and they competed in words full of arrogance, praise and pride.

This is still being done. Buses with children are brought to churches and the process has been the same for 30 years. The center I run is no longer involved in these events. Personally, I hope this theater will stop. You will think that I am against celebrating Christmas at church or Christmas table in families. Not. Not at all. I explain your reason.

The birth of the Savior Jesus is about hope, eternity, joy, peace, forgiveness, security, communion, unity and love. Vulnerability of children from centers and the creation of programs where they are presented as „orphans” and „their Christmas” is illusory and wrong. Sure, it blows the glass and increases the audience, but their hearts are not satisfied, but they are deceived.

If you want to do good to these children, take them home regularly, love them and show affection and do not give up, regardless of their moods.
Develop a relationship based on respect and trust, long-term (10 years) and very long (30 years).
Be near them when there is nobody, not just Christmas and Easter.
Listen to them and don’t give them life advice if you don’t respect them.
Do not use them to increase your self-esteem and number of Likes.
Do not visit them if you do not plan to develop a relationship with them.
Treat them with the utmost respect and honor them.
Do not visit them as primates, they are not at the zoo.

Please do not visit them anymore because they are „orphaned” for Easter and Christmas, but visit them because they need you and your good hearts.

Don’t be good at Christmas, but be good as a lifestyle!
Please, get out of this theater!

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